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Alright, diving into the world of Smartchain Poker and the tokenomics, let's break it down!

First off, Smartchain Poker launched January 14th 2023. We had a year of organic growth in the crypto space, especially for a small project like Smartchain Poker, it was pretty damn impressive. It means we’ve been doing something right without relying on crazy hype or pump-and-dump schemes. Kudos to our amazing community!

The tokenomics are the beating heart of our project. For a poker platform combined with crypto, the tokenomics need to incentivize both, players and investors. Here's some points to prove that the tokenomics are working:

With the right marketing approach, to look for poker player instead of traders, we’ve seen that it brings us good results. The SCP community has proven to be a strong holder’s community that are using the token where it is created for, playing poker. 

Chart Example

Smartchain Poker has shown solid evidence of these factors over the past year, it's a good sign that the tokenomics are indeed working. Remember, in the wild west of crypto, always do your own research (DYOR) and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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